Homework Assist

Getting your 10 year old to sit down and do his or her homework can often be extremely hard work. Yet, developing good study habits early in life, as William H.Peltz, author of 'Dear Teacher: Expert Advice for Effective Study Skills' points out, helps students to acquire a set of skills which take them way beyond success in their primary, secondary or even tertiary studies. Our Homework Assist sessions under the guidance of qualified, enthusiastic and patient tutors will

Enhance your child’s ability to concentrate and focus through our unique
  program in which every lesson commences with concentration exercises to
  set the tone for a successful learning experience

Help your child organise their work and manage their time effectively

Ensure that your child assumes responsibility for their behaviour and
  becomes more self-reliant

We offer 90 minutes Homework Assist classes with a maximum
  of 5 students per group. Years 3 to 6 work together with a tutor to finish
  homework tasks and establish solid working routines.
  Each student receives individual attention and  support matching their
  current levels and abilities


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Our Services

Education Link's tutors come to you at NO EXTRA COSTS, but we also offer one-on-one tutoring in pre-booked library spaces to provide a distraction-free learning environment.