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Our team of core tutors is supported by a number of casual tutors with expertise in a variety of VCE and IB subjects as well as in adult education.





Simone·Thissen, founder and director of Education Link has been an experienced and passionate educator for more than 20 years. With an intimate knowledge of both·the·European and·the·Australian education systems,·and years of extensive travelling,·Simone knows how to teach locally for an increasingly global society. She has had teaching experience in the public as well as the private school sector, and her genuine interest in her students’ welfare inside as well as outside the classroom has equipped a large group of young Australians with the strong belief that one teacher can make a difference.

Simone has hand-picked her team at Education Link·and she is proud to be surrounded by passionate, enthusiastic and foremost knowledgeable colleagues and young tutors whose academic and professional achievements·are a credit to the company. She is still actively involved in the teaching profession, currently looking after two senior English Language classes at Yarra Valley Grammar.




Our tutors



Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. They all share a love of teaching, and they are all high achievers in the subject areas they teach in. All have WWC checks or are VIT registered teachers. The majority are either completing or have completed a teaching degree. As we cater for primary, secondary and tertiary students, a few of our tutors are second and third year mathematicians, engineers or scientists.

Our younger tutors, being close in age to our secondary students, find it easy to relate to, and subsequently tackle, the needs of high school students.

Almost all of our senior tutors have worked both within and outside a traditional classroom environment; many of them have worked with students with special learning needs. 

Above all, our tutors don't complete your child's work but rather teach them strategies to become independent learners - in the words of Alexandra K. Trenfor, they tell students 'where to look, but not what to see'.






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